The below table lists mirrored release artifacts and their associated hashes and signatures available ONLY at The keys used to sign releases can be found in our published KEYS file. See Verify The Integrity Of The Files for how to verify your mirrored downloads.


Version Release Date Compatiblity Report Changes Release Notes Commit Download
2.0.1 2018/06/19 2.0.0 vs 2.0.1 Changes Release Notes 987f7b6d37c2fcacc942cc66e5c5122aba8fdfbe src (sha512 asc)
bin (sha512 asc)
2.0.0 2018/04/29 1.2.6 vs 2.0.0 Changes Release Notes 7483b111e4da77adbfc8062b3b22cbe7c2cb91c1 src (sha512 asc)
bin (sha512 asc)

If you are looking for an old release that is not present here or on the mirror, check the Apache Archive.