Interface ServerProcedureInterface

All Known Implementing Classes:
AssignReplicationQueuesProcedure, ClaimReplicationQueueRemoteProcedure, ClaimReplicationQueuesProcedure, HBCKServerCrashProcedure, ServerCrashProcedure, SplitWALProcedure, SplitWALRemoteProcedure, SwitchRpcThrottleProcedure, SwitchRpcThrottleRemoteProcedure

@Private public interface ServerProcedureInterface
Procedures that handle servers -- e.g. server crash -- must implement this Interface. It is used by the procedure runner to figure locking and what queuing.
  • Method Details

    • getServerName

      Returns Name of this server instance.
    • hasMetaTableRegion

      Returns True if this server has an hbase:meta table region.
    • getServerOperationType

      Given an operation type we can take decisions about what to do with pending operations. e.g. if we get a crash handler and we have some assignment operation pending we can abort those operations.
      the operation type that the procedure is executing.