Class MasterRegion


@Private public final class MasterRegion extends Object
A region that stores data in a separated directory, which can be used to store master local data.

FileSystem layout:

   --<region dir>
       |  |
       |  --/<ns&gt/<table&gt/<encoded-region-name> <---- The region data
       |      |
       |      --replay <---- The edits to replay
          --<master-server-name> <---- The WAL dir for active master
          --<master-server-name>-dead <---- The WAL dir for dead master
Notice that, you can use different root file system and WAL file system. Then the above directory will be on two file systems, the root file system will have the data directory while the WAL filesystem will have the WALs directory. The archived HFile will be moved to the global HFile archived directory with the MasterRegionParams.archivedHFileSuffix() suffix. The archived WAL will be moved to the global WAL archived directory with the MasterRegionParams.archivedWalSuffix() suffix.