Class FillDiskCommandAction

Fill the disk on a random regionserver.
  • Field Details

    • LOG

      private static final org.slf4j.Logger LOG
    • size

      private final long size
    • duration

      private final long duration
    • path

      private final String path
  • Constructor Details

    • FillDiskCommandAction

      public FillDiskCommandAction(long size, long duration, String path, long timeout)
      Fill the disk on a random regionserver. Please note that the file will be created regardless of the set duration or timeout. So please use timeout and duration big enough to avoid complication caused by retries.
      size - size of the generated file in MB or fill the disk if set to 0
      duration - the time this issue persists in milliseconds
      path - the path to the generated file
      timeout - the timeout for executing required commands on the region server in milliseconds
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