Code of Conduct Policy

We expect participants in discussions on the HBase project mailing lists, IRC channels, and JIRA issues to abide by the Apache Software Foundation's Code of Conduct.

If you feel there had been a violation of this code, please point out your concerns publicly in a friendly and matter of fact manner. Nonverbal communication is prone to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Everyone has bad days and sometimes says things they regret later. Someone else's communication style may clash with yours, but the difference can be amicably resolved. After pointing out your concerns please be generous upon receiving an apology.

Should there be repeated instances of code of conduct violations, or if there is an obvious and severe violation, the HBase PMC may become involved. When this happens the PMC will openly discuss the matter, most likely on the dev@hbase mailing list, and will consider taking the following actions, in order, if there is a continuing problem with an individual:

  1. A friendly off-list warning;
  2. A friendly public warning, if the communication at issue was on list, otherwise another off-list warning;
  3. A three month suspension from the public mailing lists and possible operator action in the IRC channels.
  4. A permanent ban from the public mailing lists, IRC channels, and project JIRA.

For flagrant violations requiring a firm response the PMC may opt to skip early steps. No action will be taken before public discussion leading to consensus or a successful majority vote.