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Old News

June 12th, 2017 HBaseCon2017 at the Crittenden Buildings on the Google Mountain View Campus

April 25th, 2017 Meetup @ Visa in Palo Alto

December 8th, 2016 Meetup@Splice in San Francisco

September 26th, 2016 HBaseConEast2016 at Google in Chelsea, NYC

May 24th, 2016 HBaseCon2016 at The Village, 969 Market, San Francisco

June 25th, 2015 HBase Summer Meetup 2015 in Tokyo

May 7th, 2015 HBaseCon2015 in San Francisco

February 17th, 2015 HBase meetup around Strata+Hadoop World in San Jose

January 15th, 2015 HBase meetup @ AppDynamics in San Francisco

November 20th, 2014 HBase meetup @ WANdisco in San Ramon

October 27th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ Apple in Cupertino

October 15th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ Google on the night before Strata/HW in NYC

September 25th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ Continuuity in Palo Alto

August 28th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ Sift Science in San Francisco

July 17th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ HP in Sunnyvale

June 5th, 2014 HBase BOF at Hadoop Summit, San Jose Convention Center

May 5th, 2014 HBaseCon2014 at the Hilton San Francisco on Union Square

March 12th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ in San Francisco

February 10th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ Continuuity in Palo Alto

January 30th, 2014 HBase Meetup @ Apple in Cupertino

January 30th, 2014 Los Angeles HBase User Group in El Segundo

October 24th, 2013 HBase User and Developer Meetup at Palo Alto

September 26, 2013 HBase Meetup at Arista San Francisco

August 20th, 2013 HBase Meetup at San Francisco

July 16th, 2013 HBase Meetup at San Francisco

June 25th, 2013 Hadoop Summit San Jose Convention Center

June 14th, 2013 KijiCon: Building Big Data Apps in San Francisco.

June 13th, 2013 HBaseCon2013 in San Francisco. Submit an Abstract!

June 12th, 2013 HBaseConHackAthon at the Cloudera office in San Francisco.

April 11th, 2013 HBase Meetup at AdRoll in San Francisco

February 28th, 2013 HBase Meetup at Intel Mission Campus

February 19th, 2013 Developers PowWow at HortonWorks' new digs

January 23rd, 2013 HBase Meetup at WibiData World HQ!

December 4th, 2012 0.96 Bug Squashing and Testing Hackathon at Cloudera, SF.

October 29th, 2012 HBase User Group Meetup at Wize Commerce in San Mateo.

October 25th, 2012 Strata/Hadoop World HBase Meetup. in NYC

September 11th, 2012 Contributor's Pow-Wow at HortonWorks HQ.

August 8th, 2012 Apache HBase 0.94.1 is available for download

June 15th, 2012 Birds-of-a-feather in San Jose, day after Hadoop Summit

May 23rd, 2012 HackConAthon in Palo Alto

May 22nd, 2012 HBaseCon2012 in San Francisco

March 27th, 2012 Meetup @ StumbleUpon in San Francisco

January 19th, 2012 Meetup @ EBay

January 23rd, 2012 Apache HBase 0.92.0 released. Download it!

December 23rd, 2011 Apache HBase 0.90.5 released. Download it!

November 29th, 2011 Developer Pow-Wow in SF at Salesforce HQ

November 7th, 2011 HBase Meetup in NYC (6PM) at the AppNexus office

August 22nd, 2011 HBase Hackathon (11AM) and Meetup (6PM) at FB in PA

June 30th, 2011 HBase Contributor Day, the day after the Hadoop Summit hosted by Y!

June 8th, 2011 HBase Hackathon in Berlin to coincide with Berlin Buzzwords

May 19th, 2011 Apache HBase 0.90.3 released. Download it!

April 12th, 2011 Apache HBase 0.90.2 released. Download it!

March 21st, HBase 0.92 Hackathon at StumbleUpon, SF

February 22nd, HUG12: February HBase User Group at StumbleUpon SF

December 13th, HBase Hackathon: Coprocessor Edition

November 19th, Hadoop HUG in London is all about Apache HBase

November 15-19th, Devoxx features HBase Training and multiple HBase presentations

October 12th, HBase-related presentations by core contributors and users at Hadoop World 2010

October 11th, HUG-NYC: HBase User Group NYC Edition (Night before Hadoop World)

June 30th, Apache HBase Contributor Workshop (Day after Hadoop Summit)

May 10th, 2010: Apache HBase graduates from Hadoop sub-project to Apache Top Level Project

Signup for HBase User Group Meeting, HUG10 hosted by Trend Micro, April 19th, 2010

HBase User Group Meeting, HUG9 hosted by Mozilla, March 10th, 2010

Sign up for the HBase User Group Meeting, HUG8, January 27th, 2010 at StumbleUpon in SF

September 8th, 2010: Apache HBase 0.20.0 is faster, stronger, slimmer, and sweeter tasting than any previous Apache HBase release. Get it off the Releases page.

ApacheCon in Oakland: November 2-6th, 2009: The Apache Foundation will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in beautiful Oakland by the Bay. Lots of good talks and meetups including an HBase presentation by a couple of the lads.

HBase at Hadoop World in NYC: October 2nd, 2009: A few of us will be talking on Practical HBase out east at Hadoop World: NYC.

HUG7 and HBase Hackathon: August 7th-9th, 2009 at StumbleUpon in SF: Sign up for the HBase User Group Meeting, HUG7 or for the Hackathon or for both (all are welcome!).

June, 2009 -- HBase at HadoopSummit2009 and at NOSQL: See the presentations

March 3rd, 2009 -- HUG6: HBase User Group 6

January 30th, 2009 -- LA Hbackathon:HBase January Hackathon Los Angeles at Streamy in Manhattan Beach