Supporting Projects

This page is a list of projects that are related to HBase. To have your project added, file a documentation JIRA or email hbase-dev with the relevant information. If you notice out-of-date information, use the same avenues to report it.

These items are user-submitted and the HBase team assumes no responsibility for their accuracy.

Projects that add new features to HBase

Themis provides cross-row/cross-table transaction on HBase based on Google's Percolator.
Cask Tephra provides globally consistent transactions on top of Apache HBase.
Haeinsa is linearly scalable multi-row, multi-table transaction library for HBase.
HBase TAggregator
An HBase coprocessor for timeseries-based aggregations.
Apache Trafodion
Apache Trafodion is a webscale SQL-on-Hadoop solution enabling transactional or operational workloads on Hadoop.
Apache Phoenix
Apache Phoenix is a relational database layer over HBase delivered as a client-embedded JDBC driver targeting low latency queries over HBase data.
Hue HBase Browser
An Easy & Powerful WebUI for HBase, distributed with Hue.
the HBase Side Effect Processor, a system for asynchronously and reliably listening to HBase mutation events, based on HBase replication.
Lily HBase Indexer
indexes HBase content to Solr by listening to the replication stream (uses the HBase SEP).
- HBase Reporting and Analysis with support for simple and composite keys, get and range scans, column based filtering, charting.
- Lock-free transactional support on top of HBase providing Snapshot Isolation.
ORM for HBase
Heritrix2 Processor for writing crawls to HBase.
Pigi Project
The Pigi Project is an ORM-like framework. It includes a configurable index system and a simple object to HBase mapping framework (or indexing for HBase if you like). Designed for use by web applications.
hbase-thrift generates and installs Perl and Python Thrift bindings for HBase.
OHM is a weakly relational ORM for HBase which provides Object Mapping and Column indexing. It has its own compiler capable of generating interface code for multiple languages. Currently C# (via the Thrift API), with support for Java currently in development. The compiler is easily extensible to add support for other languages.
Aims to be an implementation of the Google app-engine datastore in Java using HBase instead of bigtable.
DataNucleus is a Java JDO/JPA/REST implementation. It supports HBase and many other datastores.
Kundera is a JPA 2.0 based object-datastore mapping library for HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB.
Zohmg is a time-series data store that uses HBase as its backing store.
Grails Support
Grails HBase plug-in.
is an active_record-based object mapping layer for Ruby on Rails.
Ruby client for HBase Stargate.
Meetup.Beeno is a simple HBase Java "beans" mapping framework based on annotations. It includes a rudimentary high level query API that generates the appropriate server-side filters.
Spring Hadoop
- The Spring Hadoop project provides support for writing Apache Hadoop applications that benefit from the features of Spring, Spring Batch and Spring Integration.
Spring Framework HBase Template
Spring Framework HBase Template provides HBase data access templates similar to what is provided in Spring for JDBC, Hibernate, iBatis, etc. If you find this useful, please vote for its inclusion in the Spring Framework.
A library for convenient access to HBase from Clojure.
HBase indexing library
A library for building and querying HBase-table-based indexes.
Lucene+HBase - Using HBase as the backing store for the TF-IDF representations needed by Lucene. Also, contains a library for constructing lucene indices from HBase schema.
A HBase tailored JMX toolkit enabling monitoring with Cacti and checking with Nagios or similar.
IHBASE provides faster scans by indexing regions, each region has its own index. The indexed columns are user-defined and indexes can be intersected or joined in a single query.
HBASE EC2 scripts
This collection of bash scripts allows you to run HBase clusters on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service with best practices baked in.
Stargate provides an enhanced RESTful interface.
HBase-trx provides Transactional (JTA) and indexed extensions of HBase.
HBase Thrift Python client Debian package
Debian packages for the HBase Thrift Python client (see readme for sources.list setup)
capjure is a persistence helper for HBase. It is written in the Clojure language, and supports persisting of native hash-maps.
(High Update Throughput for HBase) It focuses on write performance during records update (by avoiding doing Get on every Put to update record).
HBase Writes Distributor spreads records over the cluster even when their keys are sequential, while still allowing fast range scans over them
HBase UI Tool & Util
HBase UI Tool & Util is an HBase UI client and simple util module. It can handle hbase more easily like jdo(not persistence api)
A light-weight HBase ORM library that enables object-oriented access of HBase records with minimal coding and good testability

Example HBase Applications