Chapter 18. Building and Developing Apache HBase

Table of Contents

18.1. Apache HBase Repositories
18.2. IDEs
18.2.1. Eclipse
18.3. Building Apache HBase
18.3.1. Basic Compile
18.3.2. Build Protobuf
18.3.3. Build Gotchas
18.3.4. Building in snappy compression support
18.4. Releasing Apache HBase
18.4.1. Building against HBase 0.96-0.98
18.4.2. Making a Release Candidate
18.4.3. Publishing a SNAPSHOT to maven
18.5. Generating the HBase Reference Guide
18.6. Updating
18.6.1. Contributing to
18.6.2. Publishing
18.6.3. Voting on Release Candidates
18.7. Tests
18.7.1. Apache HBase Modules
18.7.2. Unit Tests
18.7.3. Running tests
18.7.4. Writing Tests
18.7.5. Integration Tests
18.8. Maven Build Commands
18.8.1. Compile
18.8.2. Running all or individual Unit Tests
18.8.3. Building against various hadoop versions.
18.9. Getting Involved
18.9.1. Mailing Lists
18.9.2. Jira
18.10. Developing
18.10.1. Codelines
18.10.2. Unit Tests
18.10.3. Code Standards
18.10.4. Invariants
18.10.5. Running In-Situ
18.10.6. Adding Metrics
18.11. Submitting Patches
18.11.1. Create Patch
18.11.2. Patch File Naming
18.11.3. Unit Tests
18.11.4. Attach Patch to Jira
18.11.5. Common Patch Feedback
18.11.6. Submitting a patch again
18.11.7. Submitting incremental patches
18.11.8. ReviewBoard
18.11.9. Guide for HBase Committers
18.11.10. Dialog
18.11.11. Do not edit JIRA comments

This chapter will be of interest only to those building and developing Apache HBase (i.e., as opposed to just downloading the latest distribution).

18.1. Apache HBase Repositories

There are two different repositories for Apache HBase: Subversion (SVN) and Git. GIT is our repository of record for all but the Apache HBase website. We used to be on SVN. We migrated. See Migrade Apache HBase SVN Repos to Git. Updating still requires use of SVN (See Section 18.6, “Updating”). See Source Code Management page for contributor and committer links or seach for HBase on the Apache Git page.

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