18.8. Updating hbase.apache.org

18.8.1. Contributing to hbase.apache.org

See Appendix A, Contributing to Documentation for more information on contributing to the documentation or website.

18.8.2. Publishing hbase.apache.org

As of INFRA-5680 Migrate apache hbase website, to publish the website, build it using Maven, and then deploy it over a checkout of https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hbase/hbase.apache.org/trunk and check in your changes. The script dev-scripts/publish_hbase_website.sh is provided to automate this process and to be sure that stale files are removed from SVN. Review the script even if you decide to publish the website manually. Use the script as follows:

$ publish_hbase_website.sh -h
Usage: publish_hbase_website.sh [-i | -a] [-g <dir>] [-s <dir>]
 -h          Show this message
 -i          Prompts the user for input
 -a          Does not prompt the user. Potentially dangerous.
 -g          The local location of the HBase git repository
 -s          The local location of the HBase svn checkout
 Either --interactive or --silent is required.
 Edit the script to set default Git and SVN directories.


The SVN commit takes a long time.

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