18.7. Updating hbase.apache.org

18.7.1. Contributing to hbase.apache.org

The Apache HBase apache web site (including this reference guide) is maintained as part of the main Apache HBase source tree, under /src/main/docbkx and /src/main/site [31]. The former -- docbkx -- is this reference guide as a bunch of xml marked up using docbook; the latter is the hbase site (the navbars, the header, the layout, etc.), and some of the documentation, legacy pages mostly that are in the process of being merged into the docbkx tree that is converted to html by a maven plugin by the site build.

To contribute to the reference guide, edit these files under site or docbkx and submit them as a patch (see Section 18.12, “Submitting Patches”). Your Jira should contain a summary of the changes in each section (see HBASE-6081 for an example).

To generate the site locally while you're working on it, run:

mvn site

Then you can load up the generated HTML files in your browser (file are under /target/site).

18.7.2. Publishing hbase.apache.org

As of INFRA-5680 Migrate apache hbase website, to publish the website, build it, and then deploy it over a checkout of https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hbase/hbase.apache.org/trunk. Finally, check it in. For example, if trunk is checked out out at /Users/stack/checkouts/trunk and the hbase website, hbase.apache.org, is checked out at /Users/stack/checkouts/hbase.apache.org/trunk, to update the site, do the following:

              # Build the site and deploy it to the checked out directory
              # Getting the javadoc into site is a little tricky.  You have to build it before you invoke 'site'.
              $ MAVEN_OPTS=" -Xmx3g" mvn clean install -DskipTests javadoc:aggregate site  site:stage -DstagingDirectory=/Users/stack/checkouts/hbase.apache.org/trunk

Now check the deployed site by viewing in a brower, browse to file:////Users/stack/checkouts/hbase.apache.org/trunk/index.html and check all is good. If all checks out, commit it and your new build will show up immediately at http://hbase.apache.org

              $ cd /Users/stack/checkouts/hbase.apache.org/trunk
              $ svn status
              # Do an svn add of any new content...
              $ svn add ....
              $ svn commit -m 'Committing latest version of website...'

18.7.3. Voting on Release Candidates

Everyone is encouraged to try and vote on HBase release candidates. Only the votes of PMC members are binding. PMC members, please read this WIP doc on policy voting for a release candidate, Release Policy. Before casting +1 binding votes, individuals are required to download the signed source code package onto their own hardware, compile it as provided, and test the resulting executable on their own platform, along with also validating cryptographic signatures and verifying that the package meets the requirements of the ASF policy on releases. Regards the latter, run mvn apache-rat:check to verify all files are suitably licensed. See HBase, mail # dev - On recent discussion clarifying ASF release policy. for how we arrived at this process.

[31] Before 0.95.0, site and reference guide were at src/docbkx and src/site respectively

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