18.9. Maven Build Commands

All commands executed from the local HBase project directory.

Note: use Maven 3 (Maven 2 may work but we suggest you use Maven 3).

18.9.1. Compile

mvn compile

18.9.2. Running all or individual Unit Tests

See the Section 18.8.3, “Running tests” section above in Section 18.8.2, “Unit Tests”

18.9.3. Building against various hadoop versions.

As of 0.96, Apache HBase supports building against Apache Hadoop versions: 1.0.3, 2.0.0-alpha and 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. By default, in 0.96 and earlier, we will build with Hadoop-1.0.x. As of 0.98, Hadoop 1.x is deprecated and Hadoop 2.x is the default. To change the version to build against, add a hadoop.profile property when you invoke mvn:

mvn -Dhadoop.profile=1.0 ...

The above will build against whatever explicit hadoop 1.x version we have in our pom.xml as our '1.0' version. Tests may not all pass so you may need to pass -DskipTests unless you are inclined to fix the failing tests.

'dependencyManagement.dependencies.dependency.artifactId' for org.apache.hbase:${compat.module}:test-jar with value '${compat.module}' does not match a valid id pattern

You will see ERRORs like the above title if you pass the default profile; e.g. if you pass hadoop.profile=1.1 when building 0.96 or hadoop.profile=2.0 when building hadoop 0.98; just drop the hadoop.profile stipulation in this case to get your build to run again. This seems to be a maven pecularity that is probably fixable but we've not spent the time trying to figure it.

Similarly, for 3.0, you would just replace the profile value. Note that Hadoop-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT does not currently have a deployed maven artificat - you will need to build and install your own in your local maven repository if you want to run against this profile.

In earilier versions of Apache HBase, you can build against older versions of Apache Hadoop, notably, Hadoop 0.22.x and 0.23.x. If you are running, for example HBase-0.94 and wanted to build against Hadoop 0.23.x, you would run with:

mvn -Dhadoop.profile=22 ...
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