3.2. Upgrading from 0.98.x to 1.0.x

In this section we first note the significant changes that come in with 1.0.0 HBase and then we go over the upgrade process. Be sure to read the significant changes section with care so you avoid surprises.

3.2.1. Changes of Note!

In here we list important changes that are in 1.0.0 since 0.98.x., changes you should be aware that will go into effect once you upgrade. ZooKeeper 3.4 is required in HBase 1.0.0

See Section 2.1.2, “ZooKeeper Requirements”. HBase Default Ports Changed

The ports used by HBase changed. The used to be in the 600XX range. In hbase-1.0.0 they have been moved up out of the ephemeral port range and are 160XX instead (Master web UI was 60010 and is now 16030; the RegionServer web UI was 60030 and is now 16030, etc). If you want to keep the old port locations, copy the port setting configs from hbase-default.xml into hbase-site.xml, change them back to the old values from hbase-0.98.x era, and ensure you've distributed your configurations before you restart. hbase.bucketcache.percentage.in.combinedcache configuration has been REMOVED

You may have made use of this configuration if you are using BucketCache. If NOT using BucketCache, this change does not effect you. Its removal means that your L1 LruBlockCache is now sized using hfile.block.cache.size -- i.e. the way you would size the onheap L1 LruBlockCache if you were NOT doing BucketCache -- and the BucketCache size is not whatever the setting for hbase.bucketcache.size is. You may need to adjust configs to get the LruBlockCache and BucketCache sizes set to what they were in 0.98.x and previous. If you did not set this config., its default value was 0.9. If you do nothing, your BucketCache will increase in size by 10%. Your L1 LruBlockCache will become hfile.block.cache.size times your java heap size (hfile.block.cache.size is a float between 0.0 and 1.0). To read more, see HBASE-11520 Simplify offheap cache config by removing the confusing "hbase.bucketcache.percentage.in.combinedcache". If you have your own customer filters....

See the release notes on the issue HBASE-12068 [Branch-1] Avoid need to always do KeyValueUtil#ensureKeyValue for Filter transformCell; be sure to follow the recommendations therein. Distributed Log Replay

Section, “Distributed Log Replay” is off by default in hbase-1.0. Enabling it can make a big difference improving HBase MTTR. Enable this feature if you are doing a clean stop/start when you are upgrading. You cannot rolling upgrade on to this feature (caveat if you are running on a version of hbase in excess of hbase-0.98.4 -- see HBASE-12577 Disable distributed log replay by default for more).

3.2.2. Rolling upgrade from 0.98.x to HBase 1.0.0

From 0.96.x to 1.0.0

You cannot do a <xlink></xlink> from 0.96.x to 1.0.0 without first doing a rolling upgrade to 0.98.x. See comment in HBASE-11164 Document and test rolling updates from 0.98 -> 1.0 for the why. Also because hbase-1.0.0 enables hfilev3 by default, HBASE-9801 Change the default HFile version to V3, and support for hfilev3 only arrives in 0.98, this is another reason you cannot rolling upgrade from hbase-0.96.x; if the rolling upgrade stalls, the 0.96.x servers cannot open files written by the servers running the newer hbase-1.0.0 hfilev3 writing servers.

There are no known issues running a <xlink></xlink> from hbase-0.98.x to hbase-1.0.0.

3.2.3. Upgrading to 1.0 from 0.94

You cannot rolling upgrade from 0.94.x to 1.x.x. You must stop your cluster, install the 1.x.x software, run the migration described at Section 3.5.1, “Executing the 0.96 Upgrade” (substituting 1.x.x. wherever we make mention of 0.96.x in the section below), and then restart. Be sure to upgrade your zookeeper if it is a version less than the required 3.4.x.

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